Using The Library

Collaboration Room

Our Collaborative Rooms at PCU Library are designed for teamwork and shared learning experiences. These versatile spaces are perfect for group study sessions, collaborative assignments, or committee meetings. You can easily book a room to fit your schedule, enjoy modern facilities, and create a comfortable environment for productive group activities.


Library Partner

Special Member

We open our doors wide for both the public and our cherished alumni! This Library Partner memberships designed for individuals, small groups, and alumni to access and explore resources at our library.

Library Partners
Category Yearly Payment (IDR) Assurance Fee (IDR)
(One time payment, refundable after expiration)
Company (3 Person) 1.000.000 1.500.000
Personal (1 Person) 400.000 500.000
Alumni 250.000 No Assurance Fee
Are you a student from another university who want to use our resources? Join as our special member! Whether you’re here for a semester or just a week, we’ve got options that suit your academic journey.


Special Member
Subscription PeriodTypeFee (IDR)
1 Semester (6 months)Super Card Holder (FPPTI Member)60.000
Non-FPPTI Member100.000
1 WeekSuper Card Holder (FPPTI Member)20.000
Non-FPPTI Member40.000



Circulation Service
At Circulation Services, we make it quick and simple. Check out, return, renew, reserve collections or even register for membership, all under one roof. Your library journey, streamlined for convenience.
Reference Service
Feeling lost in our library? Just ask our friendly reference librarian for a helping hand. Whether you're exploring library services or refining your thesis or even looking for some references, our Reference Services provide the assistance you need.
Assistance Corner
For students with special needs, Assistance Corner is your dedicated bridge to equal access. Our commitment is to provide personalized assistance, ensuring your library experience is as comfortable and accessible as possible.
Information Literacy Class
From library basics to sharpening your scientific writing skills, we have classes for all academics in Petra Christian University. We've got your academic success covered.
Self Check Desk
You’re in a hurry, but want to borrow a book? Use this Self Check Desk, no queues, no wait times. Just a quick scan, and you're on your way with our collections.


Integrate <PetraProxy> into your browser favorites for efficient Google Scholar searches. With a simple click, easily spot the articles available in Petra’s databases right in your Google Scholar search.

How to Use:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the saved bookmarklet as instructed above.
  3. Log in with your Petra account.
  4. Search for articles by entering keywords.
  5. The results will be tailored to what Library@Petra has subscribed to.
  6. Download your desired articles.
  7. If an article can’t be downloaded, it means PCU Library hasn’t subscribed to it.

For Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Users:

  1. Drag and drop <PetraProxy> link to your bookmarks bar.
  2. If you don’t see the bookmarks bar:
    • Hover over the upper right and click “Customize and control” (three dots).
    • Select Settings > under Appearance, choose Show bookmarks bar.
      Alternative: Press Ctrl + Shift + B.



Thesis writing & citation guide

Thesis report template