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A Caring Learning Zone

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Welcome to Petra Christian University Library, where the joy of learning goes beyond the pages of books. More than just a place to study, we’re dedicated to creating an environment that nurtures a rich learning experience. Since 1966, our journey has taken us from a modest collection to a dynamic hub for academic growth. Our motto, “A Caring Learning Zone,” reflects our commitment to being more than just a traditional library. We’re not just here to provide information; we’re here to build a learning community that supports academic and professional journeys, no matter where or when.

Our History

Established in 1966 with 696 books and 46 magazines, our library has grown alongside Petra Christian University. In 1977, we moved to the purpose-designed Siwalankerto building, and in 1992, we took another step forward by integrating technology with the establishment of SPEKTRA, our integrated library automation system.

Embracing the digital age, we officially connected to the internet in 1995, adopting the concept of a “Library Without Walls.” Today, we extend our reach globally, providing online services since 1996. Beyond physical boundaries, we’ve become a learning companion, offering internet access, online searches, reference services, and more.

Opening Hours

Study Term
Vacation Term

Monday - Friday

08.00 - 18.45

Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7)


08.00 - 13.45

Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7)



Monday - Friday

08.00 - 15.00

Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7)

Saturday - Sunday


Temporarily Closed
Every Monday for University’s Monday Service
10.30 – 12.00 (UTC+7)


ISO Certified 9001:2015

Berlin Declaration of Open Access

National Library of Indonesia “A” Accredited

Special Collection



Public Works Standard


Center for Chinese Indonesian Study (CCIS)

A dedicated collection in our library embracing the stories, histories, and culture of the Chinese Indonesian community.

Christian Literature Corners (CLC)

Collection of books that bring comfort, inspiration, and a touch of Christian wisdom. You can explore a diverse selection of Christian literature here.

Public Works Standard

Curated selection about the fundamental standards that are important for public works, sourced from the Ministry of Public Works of the Republic of Indonesia.


a collection that shows the history and significance of Batik,
an art form that’s a part of Indonesia’s cultural soul.

People Behind the Library

Collection Management and Information Technology Division
Information Services Division

Dian Wulandari, S.IIP.

Head of Library

Yusuf Wibisono, S.E.

Head of Administration and Personnel Subdivision

Chandra Pratama Setiawan, S.IIP., M.Sc.

Head of Collection Management and Information Technology Division

Billy Setyadi Karunia, S.I.P., M.A.

Head of Information Utilization and Services Division

Ari Mardiwidyana Tanaja, S.Psi

Library Officer (Acquisitions)

Petrus Jati Pranowo

Library Officer (Acquisitions)

Indah Kusumaratri, S.S.

Librarian (Digital Cataloger)

Dwiki Ari Pamungkas Pasaribu, A.Md.

Librarian (Processing)


Library Officer (Processing)

Djatmiko Trisulo Wahono, A.Md.

Librarian (Circulation Services)


Library Officer (Circulation Services)

Franciscus Xaverius Suyana, A.Md.

Librarian (Reference Services)


Library Officer (Textbook Services)

Ir. Nontje Runtuwene

Library Officer (Periodical Services)

Herman Ignatius Caralius

Library Officer (Theses, Special Collection Services)

Agung Rinekso, A.Md.

Librarian (Audio Visual, Collaborative Room Services)


Library Officer (Promotion)

Samuel Kenley Worang, S.Ds.

Visual Design Librarian (Promotion)


Forum Perpustakaan
Perguruan Tinggi Indonesia

Forum Komunikasi Perpustakaan
Perguruan Tinggi Kristen Indonesia